TML Spotlight:Gilberto De Los Reyes & SAPS Entertainment

If you’ve been to a party or nightclub in San Antonio in the last few years, you’ve probably seen them. If you have an Instagram or Facebook account, you’ve probably liked or shared their videos. Maybe you’ve seen them in the news or at one of the many events around town – huge, 9-foot robots lighting up the crowd with their choreography and LED lighting.

SAPS Entertainment’s LED Robots have become synonymous with exciting, high-quality entertainment in the event industry. From the BET Channel and Formula 1, to SXSW, MTV, and even celebrity events, SAPS Entertainment has quickly expanded its reputation and is now being booked by some of the most prominent names in the entertainment industry.

In just a few years, SAPS Entertainment has grown and expanded its services, adding everything from LED lighting for events to illuminated dance floors and DJ bookings. This quick growth and expansion is due to the vision of its founder, Gilberto De Los Reyes. Texas MediaLink had a chance to speak with him about what makes him and SAPS Entertainment successful, and how he feels about his triumphs as a San Antonio entrepreneur.

Texas MediaLink: Why do you love San Antonio?

Gilberto: I love San Antonio because this is where I went to school. I went to UTSA and got my Bachelor’s in Marketing. I’ve been here ever since and have grown as a person and as a businessman.

Texas MediaLink: Why did you start SAPS Entertainment?

Gilberto: I started SAPS Entertainment because I wanted to make parties memorable and unique. I started by myself. Me as a robot, me on stilts. And now, it’s started growing. We’ve been in business for over five years now. It was just robots at the beginning. Now we have LED dance floors, lighting, uplighting, DJ’s. At first I hired one person. Then I hired another, then two, three, four. We’ve gone from two employees to 12 people.

Texas MediaLink: What do you love most about what you do?

Gilberto: We’ve done a lot of parties where the kids are super excited. They’d never seen that before. When I see excitement on their faces, it makes me happy. That’s what I really like about it. This is something very different that nobody has here in San Antonio. We just like to take parties to the next level. I’ve also enjoyed being able to work with a great team and be able to travel to different places, meet and do business with other great people around the country, creating relationships and continuing learning as a business owner.

Texas MediaLink: How do you plan to continue growing and expanding?

Gilberto: I see opportunities to expanding the business, we can go to other markets. We’ve been hired all over Texas, we’ve been out of state. What I’d like to do is have our management set, our good management here in San Antonio in order for us to expand to other places. We’re also looking into new services that we can bring to our customers.

Texas MediaLink: What makes San Antonio unique?

What makes San Antonio unique is the people, the great atmosphere, the small business owners that are just willing to help you out, and just the great opportunities. I think that a big part of our growth is having great people around us, great clients, managers and business owners that make it really easy for us to work with them. There’s people that want to see you succeed, and that’s something that you can’t really find in many places and cities.

Texas MediaLink: What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

Gilberto: The advice I have for entrepreneurs here in San Antonio is to believe in your product, believe in your services, and believe in yourself. Always try to have the best people around you and make sure to take care and be there for your team.

For more information about SAPS Entertainment, please visit their website at You can also check out some of their photos and videos on their Facebook page here or see their Instagram feed below.

Additional Words:

“I wanna give thanks to all my team – the new members and the ones that have been there with me almost since the start. I really appreciate you and you mean a lot to me. I would do anything to help you out just like you would for me and I think that’s exactly how teams work. I have a great team at SAPS Entertainment and I’m glad everyone sticks up for our brand, that means a lot. If you have a good team you can get far. You just need to keep on grinding and have patience.” – Gilberto De Los Reyes

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