TML Spotlight:Tim McDiarmid, Tim The Girl, and The Good Kind

In just eight short years after moving from New York City, Chef Tim McDiarmid has propelled herself to the top of San Antonio’s culinary scene and is rapidly becoming one of the city’s most prominent restaurant entrepreneurs. Through her full-service catering company “Tim The Girl” and local-favorite “The Good Kind” restaurants, McDiarmid makes her vision come to life by tapping into a niche demographic craving fresh, healthy food options.

Tim The Girl Catering has distanced itself from other catering companies by delivering well-crafted, customized menus made with fresh, local artisanal food sources. By focusing on high quality and ingredients over styling and seasoning, Tim The Girl’s vibrant, fresh, and simple catering approach has resonated with popular patrons around town. Founded in 2011, Tim The Girl is now one of the most demanded and sought-after catering companies in San Antonio, and has been the caterer of choice for recognized companies and public figure events.

Similarly, McDiarmid’s restaurant The Good Kind has become a local favorite among a rapidly-growing demographic interested in fresh, comfort, healthy options that also harmonizes with the environment. Initially launching in The Bottling Department of the historic Pearl, the overwhelming demand has led it to expand to a new location in Southtown in 2019. Rich, vibrant and focused on simplicity and joy, The Good Kind presents its customers with a lively atmosphere and sustainable, nourishing food options that ensures they not only return, but engage. One quick look at its social media activity is enough to prove that The Good Kind has distinctively branded itself in high fashion and assured that it’s commonly praised and a regular part of the conversation.

Check out our interview with Tim and learn a bit about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in San Antonio, and how her companies have managed to accomplish such growth in only eight years.

Texas MediaLink: Can you tell us a bit about Tim The Girl, The Good Kind, and your career as an entrepreneur?

Tim: I started Tim The Girl eight years ago when I moved from NYC to SA. It is a full-service catering company. And I also have The Good Kind which is a restaurant at The Pearl, and we are opening our second location in Southtown. I wanted the flexibility of being an entrepreneur. Little did I know at the time what it really meant. I saw the need for the niche I wanted to fill in San Antonio.

Texas MediaLink: What makes Tim The Girl and The Good Kind unique?

Tim: I think that with both the catering company and the restaurant we definitely fulfill an underserviced demographic.

Texas MediaLink: What’s the best thing about what you do?

Tim: Working my whole life and having a vision and then being able to watch around me and see all the awesome people that work with me that make that come to life is really amazing.

Texas MediaLink: What makes your companies successful?

Tim: What makes my company successful are the team players. A lot of people can have vision, but having that vision come to reality requires that you are very dedicated in finding the right players to go into all the parts.

Texas MediaLink: What makes San Antonio unique and how has it contributed to your success?

Tim: I think San Antonio has really helped facilitate the growth of my business in the fact that it’s a very easy place to live. I found that I had a lot of growth and room. Whereas, when I lived in New York City, you’re hand-in and it’s pretty tight. I found that here, both creatively and actually having that space really meant something, as well as a really supporting community.

Texas MediaLink: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs in San Antonio?

Tim: I think the most important thing if you are an entrepreneur or wanting to start a business anywhere is really doing your homework, I would say that’s a really big one. And there’s a lot of resources in San Antonio. I would say in the culinary there’s Launch SA. There’s a lot of those kind of programs that help guide you to what the reality is going to be.

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